We All Are Persons: Why Gender Discrimination? Kindle Edition

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  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Print Length: 273 pages
  • Publisher: Fabrizio Frosini; 1 edition (27 December 2016)
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

Product description

Product Description

One thing that makes ‘gender discrimination’ such an important issue is that it is a worldwide problem – there’s no discrimination on how women are treated as ‘second class citizens’ in almost all cultures. Every day you would come across stories about atrocities committed against women. Some of such injustices are very overt, like physical and sexual abuse; while others are more ‘subtle’, like telling women that they are ‘ goddesses’ and ‘ princesses’, and thus, they must not pursue careers in, say armed forces. Misogyny comes in many “flavors”, each of them unacceptable.
However, as a society, we tend to have a very thick skin when it comes to noticing the injustices women suffer. Unless and until it is some really horrible crime like rape and/or murder, we tend to ignore the plight of women. Thus, there is almost no outrage about “small” acts of misogyny – someone is cat-calling a woman on the streets? “Honey, take it as a compliment”. Women being forced to wear (or not to wear) certain types of clothes? “My dear, that’s just a part of a culture”. Unfortunately, this attitude, which we often describe as “normal”, later on takes the shape of victim blaming, and a general form of incredulity towards the claims of women about injustices – “Well, she must have provoked him: good girls don’t get raped”.
But, I ask you, do you ever hear someone blaming the victim for other crimes? Do you ever hear a pedestrian getting blamed for being hit by a car? I mean, after all, they were walking on the streets, sort of ‘asking’ to be hit by a car (?!). Nope, it’s only with women that the victims are blamed for the crime.
At the root of this prejudice is a culture that essentially belittles and subjugate women through various “norms” that are born out of obsolete ideas, moralities, and at times even the “Law of the land”. A woman’s “femininity” is determined by a patriarchal society, that bullies, torments, at times “destroy” women who do not fall into the “normal” criterion of femininity defined by them. You can look at how women who are not straight are treated in almost all cultures, as such women no longer remain a ‘commodity’ to be owned by men, but independent identities, with their own “desire”.

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