POETRY AGAINST TERROR: A tribute to the victims of terrorism Kindle Edition

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  • Print Length: 273 pages
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  • Publisher: Fabrizio Frosini; 1 edition (19 December 2015)
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B019M1J0DU

Product Description

Terrorism, which is one of the most important topics in the world today, refers to any act designed to cause ‘terror’ by means of violence or the threat of violence. As a fundamental rule, terrorism is politically and emotionally charged, because it is meant to instill fear within, and thereby intimidate people – an entire country or even the whole world. Terrorism is certainly frightening, but the best way we can fight it is by living our lives without terror.
At the UN webpage on terrorism, we read: “Countering this scourge is in the interest of all nations and the issue has been on the agenda of the United Nations for decades.”
Now we can understand why 64 Poets from 43 different countries have written a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and to the Presidents of each of the countries whence they come from.
As stated in the letter to Mr Ban Ki-moon: “Through the poems, we wish to express our unanimous desire for universal peace and to add our voice to those other unequivocal voices at the United Nations who say ‘NO’ to the scourge of terrorism”.
It is a symbolic gesture, but it highlights their commitment as “Poets against Terror”.

As Fabrizio Frosini, the publisher, says: “I started this editorial project after the murdering of so many innocents in Paris, on November 13, 2015, as a tribute to them and to the countless other victims of terror, worldwide. I started the project, but it is a collective book: a compilation of poems written by 64 poets from 43 different countries from all over the world, who believe in peace and brotherhood, and are against any kind of ‘terror’.

Other voices of the Poets:

This project is about compassion for the victims of terrorism, it’s a celebration of a simple equation: ‘violence = more violence; peace = peace’. We have made it clear, we are not debating causes, but mourning a particular ‘effect’ which is the intentional murder of innocents”. – D.J. Brick, USA

As someone born in Sri Lanka, a country that will always be remembered as the birth place of the suicide bombing, I can only offer my own tears to lessen the pain and to heal from this terrible plague and my own sweat to lay one brick to build a universal home for peace. – D. Gunawardana, Sri Lanka

Наши потери мучительны, но террор – это инструмент манипуляции через запугивание, поэтому нам следует искать истинные причины, а не реагировать слепо.
Our losses are painful, but terror is a tool of manipulation via frightening, so we should search for the true reasons and not react blindly. – G. Italyanskaya, Russia

The most difficult aspect to accept about all the senseless violence in the world is the fact that we are doing this to each other, and that by now negative political, religious and social dynamics have become so complex that it is hard to believe in a better future. Therefore, each person must begin with him- or herself in contributing peace and non-violent solutions to our shared humanity. – B. B. Linder, Germany

Iwe neni tikabatana, nyika inobudirira (in Shona)
You are because I am, together we can make the world a better place – T. Makadho, Zimbabwe

Jag sörjer och stödjer med all min vänlighet ,med tanken på alla oskyldiga offer och anhöriga,och tyst gråtande hjärtan,min tro bygger på ett liv utan grymhet, och ord som vågar uttrycka solidaritet.
I gave rise to much kindness, I think of all the people and children and the hearts of silence cry, I admit a new faith without cruel life, how to find words how dare to dare. – I. Molnar, Sweden

What is gained from the killing of children, people shopping for food, those just passing by? – L. Beck, USA

The dead body of the 3-year-old on the beach will haunt humanity forever if we can’t put an end to terrorism! – A. Jafarinoor, Iran

Avec un bout de papier et une plume On est capable de faire face au terrorisme..
We use a pen and a paper to face Terror.. and to spread Peace and Love all over the world – K. Basty, Tunisia

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